Hi Elizabeth, I want to thank you and Bob for all that you've done to make this escrow close. I think we have very happy clients on both sides of the transaction. I hope we can do business again in the future as it was such a pleasure to work with you both. Jerry Abbott
         -- Liberty Road Ranch-Clements



Hi Dan. How are things going with you. We are getting settled in but I sure wouldn't trade Acampo for Conroe. Hope you will keep us on your "good guys" list and keep in touch once in a while. Thanks again for all your help and patience with our deal. Give our best to Elizabeth and thank her for all her hard work on our behalf also. Regards. Dave and Regina Rice.
         -- Pearl Road Ranch-Acampo



Hi Nick and Elizabeth, Thank you for the 2013 Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel! This is special because I've heard that Lodi is a terrific wine grape region, but I never visited any of the wineries there. I'm not a wine aficionado, but I love good wine and I know it when I taste it. If I'm ever of a mind to search for a ranch or similar property in the valley, you are my contact and resource number one. It was a pleasure to know you both so briefly, really. It seemed like the warehouse property was "hot" and sold fast, but I recognize that's partly because Nick was there when it counted! Wishing you all the best, Ted Towne
         -- Commercial Industrial Facility-Isleton